M vs M
@ 9 a.m.

Intercon N

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Run at Intercon N


by Terry Romero, John Stavropoulos

You're only a teenager, but you never thought you would live to see the day that a mutant is elected president of the United States. And not just any mutant, but your beloved teacher and founder of the school for young mutants you call home.

But this day that should change everything for mutants is poisoned with terror and deceit. The president elect is slain while the entire world watches! Mutants everywhere must decide right now: is this war? Do we run and hide? Can there ever be peace? What will happen today, tomorrow, 10 years from now or generations to come?

M vs M is a game inspired by elements from the X-Men comics saga and explores themes of isolation, bigotry, friendship, and the trials of growing up outside of society yet enmeshed in constant civil war. This game uses a hybrid of techniques borrowed from Nordic freeform, improv theater, jeepform, and story games. Characters will be made in game!

The Fine Print: Possible trigger topics in this game: racism, sexism, bigotry, the Obama 2004 election, Malcolm x, violence, terror, war, presidential assassination, and high school

For players 18+ only please