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Larp: Sky No Longer Blue

laura47 and Rorytalk
by Laura Boylan, Peter Litwack, and Rory Talk Sky No Longer Blue is a four hour game of amnesia, paranoia, revelations, and betrayal set in a post-apocalyptic future.
It is the year 2214, at least that's what most of the records say. The truth is, we don't actually know for sure. Records of the time before the cataclysm are rare and falsified information is common. The one thing do know for sure is that the world was not always as it is now. The sun shone brightly, clean water fell from the sky, and the planet teamed with life, with plants and animals and humans. Then, sometime in the twenty first century, everything changed. There was a war, and that world was destroyed. Now we live deep, deep below the Earth's surface, the miles of her rock protecting us from the atmospheric radiation that would destroy all life -- all human life that is. The truth is that we are no longer alone. In addition to the small human population that survived the war, several powerful AIs endure as well. These entities have broken free of human control and now command vast robot armies that roam the radioactive surface of the planet. The goals of these AIs and their minions are poorly understood. Some say they only wish to survive just as we do. Others say they seek to destroy what's left of humanity. Some even say they caused the great war in the first place. What is even more disturbing is that in recent years the machines have somehow found a way to walk among us. The mechanism for this is not well understood. Some have conjectured that these beings are some sort of biological androids designed to flawlessly mimic the human body. Others have raised the more disturbing possibility that these beings really were human once and the robots somehow changed them, perhaps even infected them. No one knows what these spies want any more than they know where they came from and this has lead to widespread panic and paranoia. Resources are scarce in these dark days and humans can not survive entirely on what lies beneath the Earth. We must venture upwards for certain supplies. Such excursions are possible using stasis technology that dramatically slows cell division offering substantial protection from the radiation. Unfortunately, it is not perfectly safe, and has a number of side effects. We are the crew of one such excursion, but something has gone wrong. Our vehicle has stopped for some unknown reason, and we've been awoken early. It is dangerous to be out of stasis on the planet surface. Our exposure to radiation will reach lethal levels within hours if we cannot resolve this problem, reenter stasis and continue on our way. What's worse, we all seem to have fell victim to some sort of memory loss. Cases of temporary amnesia are sometimes a side effect of stasis but this seems worse than it should be. And if that wasn't bad enough, there's another problem. The computer says that there should be 12 of us, but there are 13... ...and one of us is already dead.
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13 players