Larp: A Fungal Coronation


"You are cordially invited to attend the royal coronation of Peach Toadstool. The ceremony will take place at her royal highness's castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Please note that we would like to ask all guests to postpone any plots of kidnapping or invasion until the day after the ceremony. We hope you can attend."

The Mushroom Kingdom. A peaceful land of somewhat strange creatures and interesting people. After many years their princess is finally stepping up and becoming Queen. I am sure the ceremony will go flawlessly and all the guests will enjoy their time. Nothing could possibly go wrong in a kingdom whose ruler is kidnapped about twice as often as it is invaded, meaning roughly once a week.

This game is setting in Mario series universe and has many characters pulled from it. It has been designed to be a simple and fun game with a surprising amount of plot and complexity.

15-player maximum