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Larp: Calypso

Things have started to get exciting in Calypso Bay. Governor Rawley had done his best to make the little island a popular port for pirates. Still, there was usually only one ship at port at a time. This week, however, a third pirate ship showed up: the Infernal Anne and her zombie crew. The locals shrugged; at least the zombies didn't drink too much rum and cause trouble the way the other pirates did. Besides, their captain's gold was good. But then the famed British pirate hunter Captain Lloyd docked. She had no jurisdiction, of course, but everyone was on edge waiting for the fighting to start. The Governor made his usual threats about throwing any troublemakers in the oubliettes, but there weren't enough cells to keep everyone in if things started to get nasty. The visitors weren't a surprise, though - this was the Seventh of the Seventh of the Festivals of Change, and the cults had been talking about it for nearly a generation. The loa riding their priests more frequently than anyone had seen in years. Strangers were expected, and everyone had been told to expect and be...courteous to them. Yesterday, though, things got really weird. People started behaving strangely, turning up in places where they shouldn't. The Infernal Anne's bocor suddenly appeared in town square before it docked, and the captain had to swim to shore while the zombies tacked in circles in the harbor. Previously sensible people were talking nonsense about how "real it all looked" and kept muttering something about "experience points." It was about then that people realized that something had gone wrong, that things had turned upside-down, in the port of Calypso...