Golden Age: The Fateful Eclipse



by Jason Feldstein and Michael Strauss

Toledo, Spain. July 1, 1349. As Spain's Muslim conquerers transformed the culture of Spain, it rapidly became a land of unprecedented advances in science, art, architecture, and mysticism because of cross-pollination and tolerance between Jewish, Christian and Muslim intellectuals. Today, scientists, sorcerers and the curious have gathered at the Solomonic College of Toledo to watch the first lunar eclipse in over a century. But when the moon is supposed to come back out of the shadow, it's missing. And then it becomes clear that some of the onlookers are not what they seem. If you survive, you will remember this night as the very first battle against the Unformed. But your survival is far from assured.

Golden Age is a new RPG about angels, demons, magic, myth, and peace in the Middle East. When the Unformed attack Creation from the Void outside and beyond, the forces of Heaven and Hell must find a way to work together or face utter annihilation. The game is designed to work equally well as a high fantasy, horror, mystery or historical game. This will be its first playtest in a LARP setting. Please bring a deck of tarot cards if you have one. (We will have extras, but only a few.)

One of the already signed-up players was kind enough to let me know that while I described the setting, I've left out the information about this particular one-shot LARP. You already know the set-up: The moon is missing and nobody knows why. But your character will come in with some kind of clue - either that, or your character will be one of the ones responsible. And the College is not letting anyone leave until they get to the bottom of it. This is a mystery and social intrigue game - who knows something? What are they hiding? And most importantly, who or what would want to steal the moon in the first place?

Characters will be pre-generated to save time, but you can choose your character's race and profession(s).

The available PC races are angel, guardian angel, Grigori (fallen angel), shaitan, incubus/succubus, tempter, lilim (demonic children of Lilith), djinn (air elemental), ifrit (water elemental), golem (earth elemental), domim (water/blood elemental), nephilim (half-angel), nashnas (half-djinn/ifrit), bouda (were-hyena), ahi at-trab (sand people), ghul, dybbuk (human possessed by a ghost), and of course human.

All races except angels (including Grigori) get one profession, while humans and Nephilim may have two. The available professions are Weaponsmith, Courtesan, Artisan, Merchant, Performer, Animal Trainer, Solomonic Sorcerer, Scientist, Alchemist, Thief, Sage, Aristocrat, Witch, Soldier, Assassin, Explorer, Hunter, Constable, Prophet, Clergy, Sailor, Healer, Fortune-Teller, and Diplomat.

This game deals frankly with Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and also with all the most unpleasant bits of the Middle Ages such as torture, slavery, cannibalism, subjugation of women, religious zealotry, murder and genocide. While none of these themes are specifically included in the plot, any game that includes demons, flesh-eating ghuls, and ghosts possessing humans has the potential for a great many disturbing things to happen. Please be advised. Under 18 requires a parent or guardian's note stating that you're mature and your parent / guardian has read and okayed the game description. No one under 13 allowed.