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Larp: Darfur Bingo

by Simon Deveau The UN has arranged a special conference in Khartoum. The Darfur Peace Agreement from 2006 is unraveling. Violence has escalated in the region to approach the pre-agreement levels. If a new agreement can be reached not only will it bring peace to Darfur but it will help the shore up the Nairobi Peace Agreement for the larger North-South conflict which is in deep trouble. The world is coming out for the conference. Every regional leader will have his interests represented along with numerous global players. They will be joined by representatives from every advocacy, NGO and foundation that has some skin in the game. All present to place pressure on the principals to resolve this crisis or not. Tried but never succeeded in committing genocide? Strived all your life to violate the Geneva Conventions but always fell short? Want your place in the Hague defendant stand but just can't figure out how to get there? Well now as a Sudanese politician you can participate in the conference while on the side you direct the Sudanese military or Janjaweed militia to wipe out Darfurian villages aka rebel strongholds. As a Janjaweed militiaman or a member of the Sudanese military you can terrorize the Darfurian civilians trapped in IDP camps and the not so helpless Darfurian rebels. As a rebel you can pretend to be all for peace while you direct your men to terrorize Northern civilians. For everyone else we have an array of African Union "Peace" Keepers, NGO, advocacy, corporate and foundation representatives along with diplomats of all creeds to cast. Hopefully after four hours someone will have solved the problem one way or another... Must 18+ to sign up for this game. Trigger: Racial/Ethnic/Tribal/Religious motivated violence perpetrated on NPCs Trigger: Sexual violence perpetrated on NPCs Trigger: Genocide perpetrated on NPCs
12 to 16 players