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Larp: neon remix 2121

by Sparrow Rubin and Tom Traina It’s a dark and stormy night in the twenties. You are trying to take the least bad option in a world where the deck has been stacked against you, and so you find yourself in a grimy little place where a shady boss is holding a party...fyi tho this is not rlly that black-and-white noir story, the year is 2121 and this thing’s been remixed in neon. the boss is less “20th century suspected bootlegger” and more “22nd century internet pirate,” and the whole situation’s a lot brighter and stranger than the original flavor. Older cyberpunk works were more influenced by the cyberspace culture and theory of the nineteen-nineties. In contrast, the source works for this larp include the twenty-tens' social web, and so neon remix 2121 invokes the cultural mores of those spaces. The ways that netspeak and virtual cultures have evolved over the past twenty years have been extrapolated forward a century. This is not primarily a narrative about transformative works, nor is it closely derived from specific canons - but it is a derivation or reimagining of some well-known noir and cyberpunk tropes. neon remix 2121 is a light-hearted cyberpunk-ish larp for eighteen players. central themes include identity and artifice. the other elements in this game include, but are not limited to, the following: hashtags, loyalty, organized crime, law enforcement, biological and mechanical modification/body horror, psychopharmacology (including of the recreational sort), structural injustice, information security, sexuality, politics, disability, and transhumanism. every player will engage with some of these, but most players are unlikely to engage with all of them. this larp is not exclusively 18+, but was not designed to be a child-friendly experience.
18-player maximum