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Larp: While Their Eyes Are Closed


by Lily Benderskaya and Tory Root

Some say the gods have turned their eyes from the world, in the last few years. And perhaps there are those who would prefer it that way. The two largest human nations, the Domisian Empire and the warring Khen of the steppes, have held an uneasy stalemate for generations, struggling over the territory of the smaller countries trapped in between. But some believe that Domisia moves now towards outright war, with the recent destruction of one city-state and the annexation of another.

Tonight may break this uneasy stalemate, for better or for worse. Political and religious leaders have gathered on neutral territory, within the embassy of an independent nation in the Domisian prefecture of Sheraga, for what is hoped to be a peace talk. But peace is difficult to achieve, with so many striving against it.

And what few of them realize is that tonight, the stakes may be far higher than the mere boundaries of human nations.

While Their Eyes are Closed is a high-fantasy saga of politics, intrigue, magic, passion, and secrets. It contains mini-scenes played out in game, akin to the tales of Across the Sea of Stars, or the ghost loops of Star- Crossed. This game is recommended for players 16 or older, due to the presence of some adult themes.

30 players