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Larp: Bad Apples

In a bar on a space station resembling Mos Eisley in a future inspired by Firefly, it's just a normal day until someone is murdered. . . . Which is, admittedly, still pretty normal. Bad Apples is a 3-4 hour game of murder, crime, intrigue, and family drama. Far from the reach of the law, gangs rule on Flotsam station -- but rumor is that a fleet of the United League of Nations and Planets, and possibly the Inquisition, is coming. In a bar, spies and criminals, missionaries and drug runners, come to mix and mingle, scheme and murder, fall in love and have their hearts broken. In a hard sci-fi setting inspired largely by Firefly, happy endings do not come easy. . . . Please note that this is a fairly dark game containing themes of violence, drugs, sex, religious persecution, and domestic violence. While not everyone in game is a bad person, nearly all have had their lives touched by bad people.
18-player maximum