Aeroporto del Hallucinogenia

Run by University of Canterbury Live Role Playing Club


by Leonie Secker, Kenton Rusbridge, John X, David Maclagan, Isaac Freeman, Malcolm Harbrow, Myrtle, Karen Dransfield

Ah, Hallucinogenia! The warm, crystal-clear waters, teeming with a myriad coloured fish... The smiles of a peace-loving and joyful people... The laidback, bohemian lifestyle, and the nights of revelry and dancing beneath a sky blazing with starlight... Hallucinogenia: where all your dreams come true... it's just a pity the airport is such a dump.

Set in the airport of a tiny island nation, this game explores some of the stranger sides of human (and nonhuman) nature. The Airport is closed, and everybody stuck in it is a bit... odd. Things are afoot in Hallucinogenia. They may or may not be connected, and they may or not be important, but they are very afoot.

There will be secret agents, Hare Krishnas, gangsters, performance-art revolutionaries, space aliens, and Americans wearing bermuda shorts. There will be political intrigue, communicable diseases, voodoo, mung beans, religious experiences, and a Big Red Button. There will, of course, also be Customs to get through. And Customs has peculiar customs of its own...