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Larp: Status Magi

Attention accepted students! Welcome to the Maxwell Academy of Geomantic Inspiration. I, Headmaster Maxwell, hereby invite you to attend our Status Magi introductory program. This first-of-its-kind program is full of fun and challenging activities that will allow you to meet your classmates and become familiar with the campus in a safe and educational environment. Our introductory program will offer team-building exercises, performing arts enrichment, and community service opportunities. For the more adventurous, our expert staff will also be available for excursions into the wilds to explore the nearby Atlantian ruins. I hope to see you soon, Michael Maxwell Headmaster of Maxwell Academy of Geomantic Inspiration AWz Evocation, AWz Conjuration, Wz Thaumaturgey, Wz Necromancy Status Magi is set in a urban-fantasy world at a new magical academy. The players take the roles of new students and the faculty running the perfectly ordinary freshmen acceptance in which nothing bad can possibly happen. The game is primarily a political drama, in the literary sense, with the potential to be more comedic or tragic for some characters. The mechanics have been designed to be easy to understand and do not contain any elements of randomness, neither dice nor R.P.S.. Instead the amount of effort your character chooses to spend on an action is the primary determinant of success. Many of you will be deceiving other characters at some point, a few will be entangled romantic situations ranging from simply wanting to find someone to political marriages, and some of you may die over the course of game. This game does contain some mature themes, please contact one of the GMs if you have any questions.
10-player maximum