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Larp: All Saint's Eve

by Shifting Forest Storyworks Westenbridge, Massachusetts might be both the richest dangerous neighborhood and the most dangerous rich neighborhood in the country. Children disappear every week. High school students in dry-cleaned shirts sell high-quality cocaine in the halls between classes. It’s a town that cares everything about appearances, and appearances alone. This Halloween, old magic is rising. The influential Cunningham family is throwing a late party in their gigantic house. Before it starts, a group of family members and acquaintances are suddenly and inexplicably trapped in a rarely-used side room. In a group where most people don’t believe in magic and everybody hates one another, surviving whatever strange forces are at play seems almost secondary to surviving close quarters with each other. That night, while a party carries on outside, they will discover the secrets they never knew about the people and the town they have known all their lives. “All Saints’ Eve” is a 4-hour theatrical-style LARP set in the present day, with some mystical elements included. Players should be aware that this game may be darker than most, and that the GMs will request that you answer some character-building questions before game to better flesh out your ingame mindset. This game has some mature themes - please contact one of the GMs before signing up if you have any questions or concerns about this. This is also a roleplaying-heavy game full of flawed and irrational people, so players should be prepared to stay in character and potentially make emotional decisions.
6 to 8 players