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Larp: Boogieman Nights

When the world discovered that many creatures of legend walked among us, many scholars predicted that society would go through massive changes. Instead, the US government passed legislation denying these “monsters” equal protection under the law. As many businesses refused to hire these figures, they flocked to one of the few places welcoming of the desperate and accepting of new frontiers: the porn industry. Chief amongst these new pornographers is Snatch Boogie, a boogieman who has directed celebrated films such as The Ride of the Valkyries, The Man in the Iron Chaps, and Das Booty. Now, he gathers his forces of sexy darkness in order to complete his magnum opus, a collection of films known as The Hero with A Thousand Orifies. The films star demons, sex-bots, reanimated corpses, and Ron Jeremy. However, there are some who see this film as an abomination and will stop at nothing to bring it down. Boogieman Nights! A Game of Supernatural Pornography is a four hour comedy game set in a porn studio in a world where many creatures of legend are real. Players will find themselves fighting, conspiring, puzzle solving, and sleeping their way to victory, which may consist of taking over the local organized crime scene, finding a less degrading job, and producing the greatest work of erotica in history. Characters vary greatly as well, from depressed office workers to sexy supernatural starlets. Content Warning: This game is intended for “mature” players. Much of the humor involved will involve sex, pornography, violence, bad puns, and extended references to 1980s music and B-movies. Players should also inform the GMs if they have any dietary concerns as some snacks are to be provided.
15-player maximum