Garden Station 4

Intercon M

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

by Shifting Forest Storyworks

The Union of Planets and the Cerian Empire stand on the brink of war. Sixteen light years away, two civilian science vessels simultaneously reach a distant unexplored system. There, they discover the first sign of alien intelligence ever found: an eerily terraformed planet with advanced technological structures, but no inhabitants.

Midway through their approach, however, they are shot down by automatic defenses and forced to abandon ship to the nearest space station. Stranded far from home with unfamiliar people and a technology that could change civilization, these scientists must contend with the ethics of patriotism, politics, and war.

“Garden Station 4” is a 4-hour (soft) sci-fi theatrical-style LARP set in the far future, where two cultures teeter on the edge of war. Players will have the opportunity pre-game to build on their existing characterization by further fleshing out their characters’ mindsets and histories beyond what is already provided.