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Larp: Loot Council

The Lich King’s wrath has ravaged the icy terrors of Northrend for years on end. He warred against all living creatures of Azeroth, turning the frozen wasteland into a vicious battlefield. Finally, the Argent Crusade managed to break down the doors of Icecrown Citadel, and the frozen heart of the Scourge lay exposed. You have stormed the citadel and defeated countless terrors, felling them one by one. Your allies have fallen along the way - some to the waves of undead, some to the colossal monstrosities, and some even to the cruel hands of your opposing faction. Finally, with the rest of the citadel cleared, all that was left was to take down Arthas - the Lich King himself. Your beaten and bloodied raid was joined by the dregs of another group that faced off against the same horrors of the citadel. Against this great evil, not even the lines of Horde and Alliance could prevent the greatest heroes Azeroth had ever seen from removing the Lich King from his seat! It was a difficult battle, won by both the true valor of the Alliance and the unstoppable might of the Horde... as well as the assistance of Tirion Fordring, Highlord of the Argent Crusade. Arthas lies defeated, but now the truest and ultimate test lies before you: Who gets the loot? “Loot Council” is a light 2.5-hour (ish) theatrical-style LARP set deeply within the lore and setting of World of Warcraft at the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. While no knowledge of the game World of Warcraft or Warcraft 3 is required, much of the humor will be lost without it. (Though we will provide bluesheets to help refresh your memory!) The game has high characterization, moderate mechanics, and plenty of plot to provide for two and a half (ish!) hours of gameplay. “Loot Council” is appropriate for all ages, with mild warnings for some flirtation, fantasy skimpy outfits, cartoon violence, and alcohol use.
10-player maximum