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Larp: Lifeline

Tory and mllelaurel
Lifeline is a black comedy about shattered identities and religion gone wrong, played out by a cut-throat band of half-amnesiac escaped prisoners floating through empty space. With geese.
So here's how it went down. Sluggy and Zonk've made sure that you had a lifeline. That's a pretty standard, if damn dangerous, piece of spacer rescue equipment. Heavy cable tethered to a probe, shoots out into space like a great big rope to safety. The seeker probe homes in on the nearest ship and slowly cranks the cable in, slowly enough that you don't all get thrown off it when you hit the rescue ship. You're stuck back on the cable at the end, so you've just got to hang on and wait, dangling in space, until the probe's settled and the cable's cranked in. If Zonk's telling the truth, there's a ship there for the probe to find, and you won't just sail off into space until you run out of air or go mad. Because the chances of hitting a random ship, this far out from the colonies, before you all die? Pretty much nothing. And you do know you're not alone out here, right? Written by the Paranoid & Crotchety team of Tory Root and Liliya Benderskaya
9 to 16 players