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Larp: To Reign in Hentzau

by David Townsend and John Golden ‘Welcome to Friendly, Smiling Hentzau, Playground of the Balkans.’ ‘The humble but happy folk of Hentzau are overjoyed to welcome the foreign visitors and tourists to their beautiful land of contrasts. Distinguished visitors will feel at home with the Europeanized nobility to whom the jolly Slavic peasantry look up to for guidance. From the beautiful beaches where the warm Adriatic Sea laps against the deserted white sands to the magnificent be-forested mountains which soar up to the sky on the Eastern borders, this peaceful land is overflowing with milk and honey. The sporting gentlemen can go hunting in the former Royal Hunting Preserves for boar, deer and a wide selection of game birds. Listen to the joyful singing peasants as they go to work with a will in the fields and woods of Hentzau. Yet this land is not merely a pastoral paradise. Under the inspired and charismatic leadership of Lord Rudolf, the benevolent ruler of this fair autocracy, the country is engaged in a Great Leap Forward to bring itself into the forefront of European nations. Foreign bankers flock to invest in the railways and infrastructure of the country. Its ample natural resources have led it to establish the premier position in the Balkans as a modern industrial country and the furnaces and foundries work day and night pouring out up-to-date machinery that is exported around the civilized world and their colonies. So, come to Hentzau and see the best that this part of the world can offer.’
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