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Larp: Once The Smoke Clears

by Alex Helm, Rich Wood The doomsday clock finally struck. During the first half of the 21st century, the religious and idealistic differences across the world finally reached a critical level. With oil reserves at critical low levels, and extremists from all backgrounds ramping up the tension, it was only a matter of time before it all exploded... literally. No one knows who launched the first nuke. But as soon as the launch was detected, missiles were flying in all directions. Within a matter of hours, the world had changed forever. All that remained was a flattened irradiated wasteland. Approximately 90% of the population was killed, but humanity found a way to survive. Some hid in massive bunkers underground. Others were simply stubborn enough and resilient enough to make it above ground. That was fifty years ago and things are different now. Mutation is commonplace. The radiation affects everyone in different ways. Stories of psionics and cannibals are all over the place. The politics and religions of old are long gone now, replaced by new ideals and factions. There are those who believe in the perfection of the human form and others who believe in embracing the change. Those who believe in rebuilding and those who prefer to scavenge. Even after the war that destroyed the world, there is still conflict. On this, the fiftieth anniversary of the bombs, a gathering is to take place on neutral ground. And to mark the occasion, an announcement is to take place. Is the truth of the past finally to be revealed? Or is it something far more mundane, a matter of current politics? Either way there are many who would prefer that sleeping dogs are left to lie... Wylde Deluzion presents a game of the post-apocalyptic future.
20 to 30 players