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Larp: The Lists of Avalon

by Helen Jones, Martin Jones, Nickey Barnard Welcome to AD 1199... as it never was! After many years away Crusading and Grail questing Arthur the Lionheart is gone - leaving the throne of Albion in question. Norman and Saxon counts revive old feuds in the names of the Claimants to the throne including Arthur's son, John; his wife, Guenevere; the bastard Mordred and the descendent of the Saxon kings Athelstane. Meanwhile in the greenwoods as taxes are raised, and armies gathered, peasants made homeless by the conflict gather in the woods declaring fealty to a 'robber king'. Into this chaos has come Merlin... the time has come for the fate of Albion be decided! Break out your 'Knights of old' costumes - 'tis time to Tourney! WARNING: plots and characters 'borrowed' liberally from Robin Hood, Arthur, Ivanhoe, Shakespeare, and even from recorded history have been twisted to fit our needs and senses of humour. Do NOT expect this to be true to ANY canon! (Though we CAN guarantee there will be NO Vikings!)
31 to 33 players