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Larp: Operation Mission Accomplished!

by Tony Mitton, Graham Arnold, Nathan Richards and Richard Salmon Greetings Troubleshooter! Alpha Complex military forces have now successfully concluded combat operations in IRQ Sector. The Commie Insurgent menace has been eliminated, as proven by Zero Percent of recent IRQ sector deaths being due to Insurgent Activity. Withdrawl of our military forces from IRQ Sector is now complete. All further operations will now be carried out by lightly-armed Troubleshooters. Congratulations on your immediate assignment to Troubleshooter Team Morituri! You will proceed immediately to IRQ Sector. En route you will test Experimental new [REDACTED] Military Transportation and Combat Equipment. Preferably to destruction. Your Troubleshooter Team and others will then work to investigate [REDACTED] artefact; restore BLACK GOO production facility to full operation; analyse and eliminate unacceptable [REDACTED] Accidental Death Rate; safely recover all Commie WMDs and continue to prosecute the war on [REDACTED]. Operation Mission Accomplished! is a full-featured Paranoia! freeform. It will not be a run-round-shoot-other-players kill-fest (please bring a Nerf gun or equivalent with you) but will have Plot, Rules, Stupid Technology that Probably Won't Work and Everything1. The Computer will be simulated by a computer. The GMs may prove to be Traitorous Commie Scum. 1 Ok. Not Everything. For a start, I'm pretty sure there are no WMDs in the game.
18 to 25 players