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Larp: Tabula Rasa (UK)

by Rachael Hampden-Turner & Hanbury Hampden-Turner Six players play amnesiacs, with no initial memory of who they are or what happened. Their character backgrounds, to start with, are very brief. (Ideal for people who don't like lots of reading before a game!) The other six players play the investigation team sent to work out what went wrong. There's a lot riding on the outcome of the investigation, but unless the amnesiacs can be helped to recover their memories, parts of the truth may be buried forever. Players will spend most of the game working out what happened, and why, and deciding what will happen next. What happened? What went wrong? Who is responsible? Does everyone want the truth to come out? Elements include investigation, recovering memory fragements, politics, romance, backstabbing, angst, loyalty, betrayal, intrigue, paranoia and psychological vulnerability
12-player maximum