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Larp: The Quest for El Dorito


by Graham Harper, Mel Dymond Harper and Mo Holkar

Legends tell of a far-off city, deep in the jungles of South America, whose streets are paved with chips of gold. Its name – El Dorito. For almost as long, European adventurers – some motivated no doubt by greed, some by curiosity, some perhaps by the innocent wish to make new friends – have sought its location. But the sea crossing is long and hazardous, the shore swampy and desolate, and the city hidden among a maze of jungle-strewn tributaries.

Now, two vessels full of new explorers have made a landing, at the mouth of the Rio Malodoro. The crews of the Soplar Fuerte and the Cuadro de Cerebro hope that they will succeed where so many have failed before. They are met by two representatives of the Grand Cacique, the El Doritan ruler. The fate of the city may hinge on this one day, here in these foul-smelling swamps.

12 to 15 players