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Larp: Something Wicked; A Gothic Melodrama set in Old London Town


by Chris Jensen Romer

Something Wicked is a game about Mythic London - the London of Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian popular imagination. The funfair is filled with seductive secrets, painful passions and secret vices, along with a strange cast derived from the folklore of London. This is a world of Spring Heeled Jack, where Sweeney Todd runs the pie stand and Jonathan Wild has not let a trip to Tyburn end his thief taking career. This is the London that stirs as the sun sets in dusty attics, sending the beetles scurrying as strange denizens emerge from houses long left locked and apparently un-tenanted. This is a game about why the nightingale sings in Berkeley Square, and why the pearly queen and king must do the Lambeth Walk, and why the ravens never leave the Tower...

Everyone loves the Fair! There goes nice dashing Harry Flashman with his medical friend Watson -- and there goes Carnacki, the famous ghost finder, talking to the famous courtesan Ouida! Wait --- what was that strange shadow that scuttled after them? And what is that haunting melody the fairground music keeps returning to, surely not "Cousin Theresa and the Big Borzoi?" You will ask Clovis Sangril, once he has stopped arguing politics with Emmeline Pankhurst. Oh look, is that actually the Prince of Wales, walking out with a common flower-seller? You can be your 'at it is!

Costume for any period from 1780-1914 and you won't be out of place. This is London as seen through the Strawberry Gothic, so as bright coloured as the musical Oliver! or My Fair Lady!

The game is designed to be fast, sending you whirling, cascading, groping a dance through the fairground where encounters with beguiling strangers offer both strange rewards and exquisite dangers: where stories become truths, and where we all face the scalding blast of scented temptations of the city of dreadful delight as amoral stars gaze scornfully on our brief pleasures...

20 to 26 players