Better off Dead: The Necropolis Senior Prom
@ 8 p.m.

Festival of the LARPs, 2011 (Larpercalia)

Brandeis, Waltham, MA, USA

The Necropolis. High school. It's their senior year, and everyone's full of hopes, dreams, and formaldehyde. Their lives are about to change in the way that all teenagers' lives must change - they're graduating this year, and will soon be moving into the Real World. Well, for the Necropolis, anyway.

It means something different for everyone: the nerdy kid with glasses who was always in the science labs might become an embalmer, the popular girls might become liasons to the living, some special students may be tapped to be Reapers and, later on, the class heartthrob might even be chosen as the next Psychopomp. It's a big, scary Underworld out there, and just for tonight, they can forget about the future and live in the present the only way teenagers know how.

Prom night: the culmination of careful planning and reckless hormones. High school is still high school, after all, and this is the pinnacle of their young lives. Well, "lives" might not be the best word, but if partying like this isn't living, then they don't know what is.

Equal parts Neil Gaiman and John Hughes. The theme? The 80s. No apologies will be made for the decorations.