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Larp: Star Wars 6.5: The Last Orders

by Lucya Szachnowski; John Davies The Fall of Emperor Palpatine and the death of Darth Vader was a blow for the Empire and allowed the Rebel Alliance to claim victory. But although freedom has been brought to many planets in the galaxy, the Empire is not dead and its agents are still to be feared. There are also places were the end of the Empire meant little, such as those ruled by the Hutts - planets where there is no recourse to the law and where you are only as safe as your skill and reputation with a blaster pistol. It is on such a planet that this freeform is set; in a den of scum and villainy inhabited by criminals, fugitives, refugees and those without the means to leave. The action takes place in a cantina close to the spaceport which is the only legitimate route for transport off world. Only those with passes are allowed into the spaceport, but it is widely known that people deal in many things, legal and illegal, in this bar. Combat between player characters is stat/system based but players are encouraged to then act this combat out so it looks good. Let's face it, everyone wants to actually fire their blaster or wield their lightsaber!
17 to 22 players