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Larp: What Happened in Blackpool


by Mo Holkar, Heidi Kaye, Cat Tobin, Alli Mawhinney, Traci Whitehead

The night before a wedding the wedding party gets together for the first time since the hag (hen and stag) weekend which happened in Blackpool a week earlier. What happened? Who did what? Who said what? Will the wedding still go ahead? These are just some of the questions which may be resolved over the next couple of hours.

Using a basic outline and prompts the players will be led through the creation of their characters and the set up to the game, this process will take up a substantial amount of time as it is the key to the game. During the game some meta-techniques such as black box scenes (flash back or flash forward scenes outside of the main game time line) will be used. The focus is on character and interaction between players. Plot, goals and resolutions are (or may be) less significant.

It is likely that adult themes will emerge in the game and as such it is only suitable for players aged 18 and above.

10 to 12 players