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Larp: The Outsiders


by Mo Holkar and Cat Tobin

Every town has some of them: the outsiders. Bunches of kids who hang around together all the time, who don't fit; who don't belong. Maybe it's the clothes they wear, or the kind of music that they like. Ordinary people think they're troublemakers: and sometimes, they are. Boredom and being misunderstood will do that. What's for sure is, they've only got each other to turn to, to trust, to love, to share with – and maybe to hate, to fear, to dominate. And then one day, they run across another group of outsiders. How will their encounter change their lives?

Early 1980s, Sheffield. Thatcher’s Britain. Millions out of work. A decrepit block of council flats on the outskirts of the city. One of the flats is vacated – an empty space, in the neutral zone between two territories. Two groups move in on the flat, to try and take it over. This is the story of what happens next.

The Outsiders is an experimental game, and is not designed like a traditional Consequences freeform. The characters are not prewritten by the GMs, and nor are the plots and secrets within the game. The players themselves will create most of the story, with the GMs in a mostly facilitating and assisting role. Players will choose and design some aspects of their characters individually in advance, and other aspects together in a workshop during the game session.

12-player maximum