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Larp: James Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts

by Rei & Hanbury Hampden-Turner Almost twenty years since Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, and a new generation is attending Hogwarts. It's the end of term, halfway through the school year, and the school is holding its annual Yule Ball. Players play the staff and students in this game of intrigue, adventure, and teenage angst, set in the world of Harry Potter. Will history repeat itself, or will the students find brand new sources of trouble and confusion? Will the school fall afoul of the ever-paranoid Ministry of Magic? Which house will win the House Cup, and who will get a place in the Quidditch Team? Will you get a date for the now-traditional Yule Ball, and are you ever going to get that arithmancy essay finished on time? In a chaotic world of wands and wizardry, discover who your friends really are, and where your destiny, and that of the wizarding world, truly lies...
25-player maximum