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Larp: Berlin Black


From Cthulhu Live: Shades of Gray.

Berlin in late August of 1945 is a city of ghosts; a vast necropolis of shattered rubble and charred ruins. Emaciated spectres roam the ruins of their once-proud home, bundled in rags and searching for food, valuables, or the remains of loved ones.

Just over a month ago Berlin was carved up into four zones of influence between the victorious powers, divided kingdoms in a blasted city. Armed Soviet, American, British and French troops patrol their respective territory, ever watchful for insurrection from within and aggression from without. Despite the pretence of mutual cooperation, the victorious allies continue to jostle for power and authority amongst themselves, all the while competing with the Soviet juggernaut over the resources of the fallen Third Reich.

In the backstreets of the Schoeneberg District, just off Winterfeldplatz, stands a freshly painted red door in the bullet-pocked wall. Behind it lies "Die Insel", a small, private nightclub and cabaret within the American sector. A strange island of music, booze and physical comfort in war-wracked Berlin, it is a place of rest and relaxation - frequented by soldiers and civilians alike - and of black marketeering, where criminals make shady deals with customers and each other. All are welcome here, provided they have the money, authority or backing to be allowed entry. Yet tonight even the criminal activities pale in comparison to darker evils that now emerge in Berlin. Something lurks through the ruined streets of Schoeneberg leaving a trail of blood in its wake, while individuals with dark knowledge and darker motives meet in the apparent security of the nightclub. Grim deals to be struck and terrible truths to be traded.

Welcome to Die Insel.

10-player maximum