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Larp: The Beatnik Cafe


In 1948, Jack Kerouac introduced the term 'Beat Generation' or Beatnik, generalizing from his social circle to characterize the underground, anti- conformist youth gathering in New York at that time. The culture lasted up through the 1960's. The year is 2012 and the Beatnik Cafe is just not the same. Over the years an infiltration of Neo-Goths, Emos and Hipsters have been taking over the Cafe and becoming the new demographic. Ok, so they're strange in their ways but they can be cool cats I guess. Their music is awful but at least they can get down with the beat and into the soul.

A few years back the first Emo walked in the door collapsing the mellow and somber vibe of the whole place! Who do they think they are? The Goths seem to get along with them alright which keeps us old timers at peace not having to look at them or listen to them! Us Beatniks are soulful, and the Goth's are dark but these lost kids are downright depressing! I rolled up another cigarette and starred into my coffee cup and said," These squares have got to go!" as the bongo beat kept on. Just who do they think they are?

This hepcap has just had it! My vibe has been displaced too far. It's time to have an old poetry slam to see who stays and who goes. Maybe a song or two to go with the sin and the sadness, not to mention the groovy coffee.

Beatnik Cafe is going to be a night you'll never forget. Whether you're a soulful aging beatnik, a modern hipster, a dark Goth, or a manic depressed Emo you're in the right place. Help each other out, and sabotage the other to earn squatting rights for your sad, sad soul. You may even have to summon a demon for help.