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Larp: The Deliverance

by Clare Gardner, Martin Jones, Allison Mawhinney and Richard Perry A nation mourns… Captain Cavendish Hamilton, hero of the Battle of Ceres, lost with his ship, the nVanguard, on a routine journey from Mars. The Deliverance; nearing the end of its journey after the successful rescue of nthree members of the Vanguard. A daring mission funded by a wife who refused to give up and captained by a man desperate to sail the stars again. The mission a success - but at what cost? Join the crew and solve the mystery of the Vanguard. You are aboard the Deliverance after the successful rescue of survivors from the Vanguard. Discovery of ancient technology enabled the leading nations of the nworld to develop space travel. A shaky peace holds in Europe as the nations nrace to stake their claim to the “New World” but old prejudices die hard. In space the old social barriers have started to break down to the extent that is now not unheard of for women to travel the stars working alongside the men.
10-player maximum