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Larp: Two Hours in London

laura47 and baniszew
A Victorian game of family, and other, politics. Love, secrets, longing, and more secrets. Tea will be served.
It's a beautiful day in 1862 at the Rutherfod family estate. A lovely time is sure to be had friends, family, and servants alike at the garden party celebrating the betrothal of two shining children of the British nobility, Emily Alexander and Algernon Rutherford, joining together in marriage these glorious houses. What could possibly go wrong? Two Hours in London, an increasingly inaccurately named game of family politics and upperclass Victorian life. Tea will be served. Note: This game contains some sexual themes and content and parental discretion is advised. Most parts in this game are 18+ in backstory, though we expect proper Victorian behavior during game time. ;-)
13 players