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Larp: Bilgerats and Buccaneers

by Tigger Brunton and Anna Klein Shiver me timbers, it’s that time of year again! Once a year a truce among all the pirates is called and the 10 most dastardly captains gather at the most dangerous pub in all the seven seas. Each captain is allowed one (hopefully loyal) assistant, to accompany them into the meeting. They gather to settle scores, balance the ledger and most importantly, decide who claims the coveted position of Captain of the Sea. Whoever claims that prize reaps all the benefits it brings: the best trade lanes to plunder, free grog in every pub in the Caribbean and of course the coveted crown of Poseidon! Be warned, the competition is cunning, the grog is strong, no-one is to be trusted and only the bold will sail into infamy. A light hearted romp in the rollicking tradition of all the best pirate movies.
23-player maximum