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Larp: Saturday Morning Massacre

Anna Bradley
Author: Alex Bradley
It is a beautiful Saturday morning, and all is well in your world. The birds are doing what birds do, the trees are doing what trees do, and you are waiting for the commercial break to be over, so you can do that thing you do: be a cartoon. All is going according to script... or is it? Suddenly everything has changed, people look different, places are unfamiliar, even physical laws seem oddly distorted. In fact, nothing's the same anymore. Your world has vanished without a trace! Of course, you don't know you're a cartoon character. You're just a perfectly normal person. Who fights evil, or maybe propagates it, on a global scale. You know, normal. You were minding your own business, and now you're thrust into this strange new world with no clear idea how you got here. Come to think of it, this place may not be that safe... The world is in peril! Destruction is everywhere! Should you save it? Or destroy it? These are the choices you must make, in the Saturday Morning Massacre!!! You play a 1980s cartoon character. Apply early for maximum flexibility in casting. Bring out your inner child, and inflict it on others. Start thinking INSIDE the Box.
15 to 26 players