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Larp: Chateau Ennui

tntraina and hanasaseru
Welcome to San Javier, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. The year is 1949, and the locals are living the good life. Or so it seems... Locals have it pretty good. The jewel of the residential area is the Chateau Ennui condominium complex, home to important local businessmen and (former) big Hollywood movie stars. They can get a good meal and some good drink at nearby Rafiq's Bar & Restaurant. The new police chief has been doing a good job of keeping order. The town's got some problems, though. Big time mobster Dapper Dan's gang has managed to resist even the toughest police crackdowns to date. There have been 4 deaths in and around the Chateau Ennui area in the last couple of months. The cops called one an accident, solved the other in record time, and the other murderer remains at large. The police are keeping order and the local preacher's helping to keep people calm, but with so much death in the air, no one really feels safe. NOTE: This is a role-playing heavy game that requires some characters to play out some fairly dark traits and scenarios. If you're uncomfortable with being exposed to some pretty bad things, this might not be the game for you. Recommended for ages 16+. Come explore the darker side of the good life in a game based on classic film noir plots, twists and archetypes!
16 players