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Larp: Evil Overlord Society Inc.

by Linda Cormack and Robert Shaw It's that time of year again, time for the bi-annual AGM of the Evil Overlord Society Inc, hosted by the deliciously creepy Lady Webb. This event is by invitation only for Society Overlords and Official Henchmen, to discuss, debate and vote on current matters pertaining to those of the Evil persuasion. While chief among these matters is the unexpected and vexing return of dashing hero Captain Hammer, other matters of dastardly business may also arise. As always, conduct of personal business is not frowned upon but guests are encouraged to refrain from practices such as double-crossing until after voting is concluded. Please note maniacal laughter is for laugh-licensed Overlords only. For those uncouth enough to resort to violence, out of courtesy to the hostess please keep things relatively tidy, as reparations will be sought for any damages incurred.
16 to 20 players