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Larp: Funkanomicon

Author: Philip B "Sir Noze" Tan
"Ha ha ha haaa! I, Sir Noze D'Voidoffunk and the Nozes, am triumphant! Behold the awesome power of the Trombipulation Army, Starchild! We're gonna tear the roof of Intercon, so come out with your asses in the air and GIVE UP THE FUNK!" "This is Starchild to Funkenstein, uh, where's that beam-up at RIGHT NOW?!" This is a Dance Party Game based on the bizarre lyrics and liner notes of Parliament/Funkadelic records. It parodies LARP game mechanics (e.g. the currency of the game is 'Booty', ritual incants are choruses from P-Funk tracks). Will Dr. Funkenstein manage to resurrect Clone Funk from the pyramids? Will Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk prevail with the Placebo Syndrome, or will he realize his own Funkentelechy? Who will stand in the way of the Atomic Dogs and Da Bomb? It's really just an excuse to gather from miles around to get down.
20 to 35 players