Larp: The Dying of the Light


"You are cordially invited to a garden party at Khemenu Manor on Saturday 13 April 2013."

It seemed like a nice way to spend an afternoon. You hadn't seen the Lichtenbergs in a few weeks, and you'd always meant to get to know the Skyes and Wolfes better. Once you arrived, though... Unexpected things started happening. it seems that not everyone in this town is who they claim to be, or even who they thought they were.

The Dying of the Light, which won the 2013 Intercon Iron GM contest, is a three hour game about Endings of all kinds, set at a garden party in the Hamptons. Character sheets are 3-5 pages long, plus 1-2 pages of bluesheet. High weirdness, high angst. Game is neither highly mechaniced nor mechanics-light. Trigger warnings for abusive relationships, terminal illness, and religious themes.

By Joshua Rachlin, Tory Root, Liliya Benderskaya, and Kat Davis

13-player maximum