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Larp: Liberty and the Price of Tea


Author: Jeremiah Genest


In Nobilis, players take on the roles of the Sovereign Powers, each the personification of one single aspect of reality: Night, or Roads, or Ecstasy, or Chains. Once human, each character has been forever twisted and changed by the addition of a single soul-fragment from their Lord or Lady Imperator: giving them awesome power and terrible responsibility.

There is a set of very valuable and important Estates which are part of no Imperator. No newly Commenced Power wields those Estates - instead, they are given as rewards, as titles, to the best and the brightest of the Nobilis. Liberty, beloved of the WildLords, bed rock of Creation, is one of these. The Shield of Liberty has been held by the best and brightest that the Nobilis have raised up century after century. And today that shield has no bearer. You, the brightest of the Society of Flowers, have gathered together in the House on the Hill to raise forth a new bearer.

25 to 39 players