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Larp: Shut Up and Play Your Guitar

Author: Kreg Segall
BLINK-179 is "OFF THE HOOK" - Here are some comments we've gotten from the fan club headquarters site at AOL: Hey blink179 - I really had a great time at the dig y'all did @ my crib omfg you guys are loud you might remember me I was the girl with the red shirt and u looked at me during the last song do you have a gf write back cya! :O) U R the best group in the world, ILY! I love Razorbutt the best, cuz hes complicated, Brains cuz he's deep n Manley cuz hes a lil hottie! I don't like Stu though he su><ors. OK bye. Blink-179 is an up and coming new alternative punkpop bank with a serious problem. Tomorrow begins their world tour, but their lead guitarist, Eddie "Razorbutt" Nelson has left the band to join Destiny's Child. Without a lead guitarist, there'll be no tour, and without a tour, the band will lose the fame they've worked so hard to achieve. The choice is clear. It's time for open auditions. Announcements were placed in every local newspaper. A room was reserved at the local college. Now all they have to do is listen to all of the guitarists who responded to the ad, and make a difficult selection from what is sure to be dozens of qualified professionals. Shut Up and Play Your Guitar is a comedy horde-style game. The band members will play the same parts throughout, while the horde members will play the assorted freaks and weirdos who show up at the audition.
15 to 50 players