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Larp: The Other Side of the Glass

mllelaurel and Tory
by Tory Root and Liliya Benderskaya Tacoma, Washington, 2031. Once the world had been much as we know it, with a little magic here and there, until one strange night nineteen years ago, when an unexpected and phenomenally powerful spell cast by an arrogant and careless mage altered reality. Computers stopped working, civilization ground to a halt, and millions died. Yet in balance, magic became far more powerful, those with the talent more common. Hordes of newly-empowered mages set forth to build a new way of living, with magic replacing the lost technology of the past. But it's never been quite as easy as before, and rumors spread of people's reflections coming alive, shadow-monsters in human form, magic run amok in terrible ways that would never have been possible before. But here, in the Laughing Cat Inn and Pub, people can leave their cares and worries at the door, or drown them in the best home-distilled rum on the Puget Sound. Magically warded and with a policy of turning no customer away, the Laughing Cat has been serving all kinds in this strange new world for years. Especially when storms of magic and glass-shards blown like needles in the wind ravage the countryside; these walls and wards can stand against anything. And the people within will be safe. At least physically. Their messed-up lives and feelings are another matter entirely. The Other Side of the Glass is a relatively low-plot, character-driven game about love, gender, identity, and the strange ways in which magic changes them all. This is a highly romantic game, and every character has some degree of romantic involvement. This game contains some disturbing themes and abusive situations, and is recommended for mature players. This is a Paranoid & Crotchety production.
12-player maximum