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Larp: Haven

by Nick Milano Welcome to your safe haven. You aren't insane, really you're not. Everyone else might think that you are, but you aren't. You can verify it, you can prove that you don't belong here. The real problem is that everyone else actually is completely insane. That's to be expected in the mental ward of the hospital. Everyone seems to have their own belief of what's going on, how will you ever convince everyone that they are wrong and you are right? And now someone has died. His throat was split open and he's just lying there in the middle of the floor. The doctors won't be making their rounds for another couple of hours, there's a killer here, do you have that long? Haven is a two hour game set in the mental ward of a hospital. This game contains a mixture of characterization and goals. The game might be a little on the silly side, however it will have references to some very real illnesses/disorders.
12-player maximum