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Larp: Shine


by Ryan Maloney

In the speakeasies of New York City, drunken patrons bandy about fantastical tales of Shine, a batch of moonshine that triggers extraordinary abilities in those who drink it. To most people, Shine is just an urban legend, and Prohibition is just about alcohol.

In a small number of backroom speakeasies, however, Shine is real, and Prohibition long since ceased being about alcohol. To a small but growing group of customers, Shine makes flight, telekinesis or telepathy a matter of a couple drinks (and a not insignificant amount of money). There is a darker side of Shine, however — Shine affects the mind as well as the body, and several of those who drink it have gone mad, or worse, become monsters. A less exotic threat, but no less dangerous, is organized crime. Flush with the power and influence of Shine, organized crime has become bolder and bolder, and the newly organized FBI struggles to contain their influence.

Shine is an action and intrigue heavy LARP for 11 people set in the backrooms of an alternate 1920s New York. Players will have a chance to determine the balance of power controlling Shine, and by extension perhaps, the future of humanity.

11-player maximum