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Larp: The Worst Story Ever Told

Living in 1st century Jerusalem is no easy task. Food prices are fluctuating wildly while the Roman occupiers grow stricter. And to make matters worse, the Savior of All Mankind is dead. In this game, minor characters from the New Testament will have to deal with Roman soldiers, the demonically possessed, peddlers of foreign religions, mysterious strangers, and starving artists while trying to keep and possibly spread their faith.
The game could be described as Biblical Fantasy as it takes the various miracles in the Bible as having occurred (as well as the existence of demons, God, and other such supernatural entities mentioned in the Bible). Mechanically, the game will only have 2 mechanics that most players will ever use-combat and faith. Particular faiths provide bonuses provided you don’t violate any of your faith’s tenets. As several characters intend to spread or suppress particular faiths, it will be rather important. Some factions in game will have additional mechanics.