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Larp: Run the Heart

by Nick Wolf Robots have long been in use in this country, but it’s only been within the past year that the ones looking identical to humans; androids, have seen widespread distribution. In this city, there’s also an Augmented Reality (AR) network, called The Space, overlaying everything. You can access it with a pair of cyber-glasses, just like all the kids these days. It’s like a pervasive version of the old Internet that your grandparents raved about. Within this city is a cafe and bar that sits on something of a legal grey area. See, it has a house rule that everyone in the place must abide by, or get kicked out. The rule? “Treat all A.I., Androids, and Humans equally while here”. Run The Heart is a LARP about love, loss, loyalty, betrayal, and a good helping of cyberpunk transhumanism. Overlayed on a seemingly harmless, if a little odd, cafe/bar are the stories of star-crossed lovers, painful revenge, the android-suppressing “Humane Council”, blackmarket malware trading, and many an urban myth of the Other Space reached through the obsolete areas of the AR network. Take a step into Run The Heart and experience a possible near-future through the eyes of its inhabitants.
20-player maximum