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Larp: Teenage Mystery Dance Party


by Mike Young, Phil Kelley

Hey gang! It looks like we’ve stumbled into another crazy mystery. We’d better check it out.

Welcome to Fenokee, Florida just a bit north from Cape Carnival where the first manned mission to Mars will be taking place in just a few days. But for now, it’s time for a family reunion. Your extended family and their friends will all be converging on the Old Scarey Place where there is sure to be a fun time and plenty of creepy mysteries.

Teenage Mystery Dance Party is based on all those Hanna Barbera cartoons (such as Scooby Doo) filled with kids, talking animals, maybe a band or a strange vehicle, but who ALWAYS stumbled into mysteries. The game takes place at a party--after all, they're all teenagers. There are plots to wrangle and angst over, monsters and villains to flee from, and mysteries to solve--not to mention the Battle of the Bands and the Big Race. Speed Buggy vs. Speed Racer, who will win? With dozens of fellow cartoon characters and Scooby Snacks for all, it should be a blast!

In Teenage Mystery Dance Party, you can play a character from any of the following TV Shows:

Scooby Doo Where Are You? The Buford Files Jabberjaw Josie and the Pussycats Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids Clue Club Speed Racer The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan Speed Buggy The Funky Phantom.

We’ll be casting characters in groups by show. Please feel free to sign up in groups with friends if you all want to work on the same team together. We also have adult characters available (spoiler: they probably are the bad guys and disguise themselves as monsters for various reasons).

Teenage Mystery Dance Party has run twice before and this one promises to be the grooviest one so far!

The GMs and Writers of Teenage Mystery Dance Party will be presenting a 100% Scrappy-Doo-free experience. He won't even secretly be a villain; someone else did that one already.

30 to 66 players