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Larp: Behind the Fields

by Liliya Benderskaya and Sparrow Rubin It’s been seven months since the planes crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11. Mom tells you things are going back to normal now. But what is normal, anyway? Your brother’s stupid Little League games? Being ignored? Pretending like nothing happened? The forest has become a kind of refuge, for you and your friends. You gather here to talk and play games, and you’ve explored as much of it as you possibly could. It’s familiar ground, and you love it, even if nothing here ever changes. At least not until today... Behind the Fields is a game about identity, change and encounters with the unfamiliar. It deals seriously with issues of sex, gender and gender roles, and contains some tale-telling portions, as well as science-fiction elements. No characters begin this game using he/he/him pronouns, though signups are open to players of all genders. Restrictions and content notes: this game is intended for players over the age of 18. Behind the Fields is likely to involve gender weirdness, body horror/body modification, regular weirdness, violence, bigotry, and linguistic prescriptivism.
11 players