Hitherby Dragons: Recourse
@ 8 p.m.

Intercon M

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Run at Intercon M


by Kendra Beckler, Andrew Clough, Lian Guertin, Eddie Karat, Xavid Pretzer

Every morning, you wake up in bed and look at the dawn. It is so incredibly beautiful, so mad wack stunning gorgeous, and you say, "How beautiful."

The Place Without Recourse is a steep-walled ravine. Sometimes you'll try climbing out, up the rugged slopes. Or maybe you'll ask Train to carry you out. It's a hard climb. Someone always breaks before the end. And when you've climbed until you can see the outside world, even as you crest the top and look down at the paradise outside that your question has cut you out of, you find yourself waking back in your bed, looking at the dawn, and saying, as you always do, "How beautiful."

The Place Without Recourse is ruled by Ii Ma. Sometimes you'll start a rebellion. Sam will make weapons out of whatever he can find, breaking up the furniture and tearing down tree branches. Bird will write slogans and chants you'll pretend rile your spirits. You'll lead a charge against Ii Ma's horrid bulk, screaming like a madman. And then each of you wake up in bed, look at the dawn, and say, "How beautiful."

This morning, in the Place Without Recourse, Train Morgan wakes up in bed. The sun is this brilliant golden glow and there is pink and red like a fire in the sky and there is a swirling in those clouds there like the spreading of an insect’s wings. And he cries out, in a great loud voice, "Whatever happened to Ink Catherly?" And as his question echoes throughout the ravine and the sky grows dark, suddenly you're not quite sure where you are any more. Hitherby Dragons: Recourse is a game of weirdness, questions, shows, and secrets in a strange land, inspired by Hitherby Dragons by Jenna Katerin Moran. (Familiarity with the source material is not expected.) Some of you are Actors, ripped suddenly from your everyday lives into a crumbling world and forced to improvise shows (short skits) to sustain it. Some of you are Judges, longtime prisoners of an existential hell who must use the content of the shows to shape a new world out of your crumbling prison even as the chaos lends new hope of power or escape. Perhaps you will answer the question that binds you here and escape. Perhaps you will build your position and become the ruler of the created land. Or perhaps you have other plans in mind for shifting substance of a world beyond reality. In addition to improv, this combat-free game features resource trading and puzzles.