The Pantheon Protocol
@ 2 p.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA


by Colin Sandel

"Every people have gods to suit their circumstances." Henry David Thoreau

It has been a thousand years or so since you began your reign over Pangaea, and this world is not the one you knew. The peoples of the land below have bent the laws of the land to their will, crafting incomprehensible cities and machines. Where once they offered tribute and bent before your power, now many no longer know your names.

You all knew that this day would come, as it has over and over again past the span of your memories. The Harbinger has arrived in your halls with a message: Your reign is over as you know it. Still, most of you feel not dread but uncertainty, as the Harbinger's presence will allow you to change into Gods more fit for the changing world. The death and rebirth of the Pantheon is nigh.

The Pantheon Protocol is a game of Ancient Gods trying to adapt to a modern world. Over the course of the meeting, each God will examine the ways in which they have fallen out of touch with the world. Alliances, relationships, and challenges will be made and broken as the Gods make their metamorphosis. Will you be able to change the very core of your being to rule over a new people, or will your pride and adherence to the old ways cause you to fade into obscurity?

Though this is a game with set goals and rules, it is as much a creative exercise as it is a game, encouraging players to speculate on how their character's motives and personality change as they trade aspects and spheres of influence. The character you leave game with will likely bear little resemblance to the one you are given before the game.