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Larp: Osiris' Gate

Cam and tarahalwes
by Mel MacDonald and Tara Halwes The journey to the chamber of Osiris is long and dangerous. Many were lost, many were waylaid for long periods, many were distracted by battles and pleasures they were never meant to pursue. The journey, however, was not the greatest danger for some. To enter the gates of the afterlife, you must be found worthy. If you fail, you will be consumed by Ammit, a painful and final death. You have heard the gods could help you but they have their own agenda. Their grudges go back millenia and they will not hesitate to use you to advance their own goals. You hope that their needs were met by the commoners that entered the chamber before you but you have not way to know. Some may be willing to pay their price, but is eternal life worth the cost the gods will make you pay? Tonight, you face the final challenge. This is your last chance, will your heart be light enough to balance the scales or will your past seal your fate? Warning: This is a LARP based on Egyptian history and mythology. While incest is not a focus of the game, many characters are both siblings and spouses. We do not recommend this game for anyone under 18.
24 to 32 players